Upward Salute Pose

Urdhva Hastasana, more commonly known as the Upward Salute Pose, is one of those straightforward poses that are usually recommended for people who have just started their yoga journeys. Although it isn’t hard to master, it has plenty of benefits to offer and literally everyone could gain so much from it.

The Urdhva Hastasana is often translated as the “Raised Hands pose” or the “Palm tree pose.” If you hear someone say those two names, it means that they are referring to the pose we will be learning today. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

(Enjoy the pose as much as possible. And wear comfortable yoga leggings as you do. If you like the one above, click here.)

How to master the Upward Salute Pose

Step 1

The first thing you need to do in this pose is to stand in Tadasana. It looks like this:
You have to stand straight forward with the bases of your big toes should be touching. Your heels should be slightly apart. Now, turn your arms outward so that the palms of your hands are facing the direction you are looking at and that your thumbs are pointing behind you. When you finish setting your body, take a deep breath, and raise your hands so that your thumbs point to the ceiling now. 

Step 2

It would be good for you to try and put your palms together, as firmly as you can. You should do this without hunching your shoulders. 

If this feels difficult and you feel tightness in your shoulder blades, simply stop raising your hands when they are parallel.

Step 3

After you have finished Step 2, you should extend your elbows and turn your thumbs slightly so that they point to the top of your head. 

Step 4

It is a big deal to keep an ideal posture during this exercise. Most people let their lower front ribs “jump” forward. That is a mistake!

Your front ribs should be brought down and your tailbone should be lengthened toward the floor.  Now, from that position, take a couple of deep breaths and fully expand your lungs. 

Step 5

After a couple of deep breaths, exhale slowly and in the same manner, put your arms to the side of your body. That would be the full motion of the Upward Salute Pose. 


The Upward Salute Pose isn’t difficult to master. Just remember the small details that were described here and you will be good to go. 

Like it was mentioned before, although this pose is quite simple it has pretty good benefits to offer. You can use this pose for backache, back soreness, fatigue, asthma, and indigestion.
This pose also helps you in improving your digestion, stretching your arms and shoulders, and also stretching your belly. 

So, that would be it when it comes to this yoga tutorial article. Now that you know everything that there is regarding this pose, “grab” some time and do it yourself. Remember that benefits lay in small details and never skip them while you are doing yoga poses. 

Good luck on your yoga journey!

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