Pre-Natal Yoga: Welcome Your Baby with a Strong Body and Mind

Pre-Natal Yoga is designed specifically for pregnant women’s condition and needs. It conditions future moms physically and emotionally through breathing exercises, poses that strengthens the pelvic floor and through core work and stamina improvement. It instills resilience, patience and composure during and after pregnancy.

This unique practice can relieve anxiety and stress, promote a better sleeping pattern, develop and strengthen the muscles needed during childbirth and decrease nausea, pain in lower back and ease symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Plus, meeting other pregnant women, socializing, chatting and getting to know each other are great stress busters!

Is it safe?

There are forms of Yoga that pregnant women can’t perform such as Hot Yoga and Astanga. These types of Yoga demand a lot of physicality that may cause danger to you and your baby. Pre-Natal Yoga is a practice specifically designed for mom-to-be(s) but there are important things to keep in mind in practicing Pre-Natal Yoga:

Be realistic. Some pregnant women can easily get tired doing physical activities. 30 minutes of daily practice is already more than enough to help prepare your body for delivery.

Listen to your body. Do not push past your limits. Breathe properly during the practice to pace yourself. Avoid doing twisting poses that direct a lot of pressure to your abdomen. Modify the pose so it can be easily accessible, only activating your rib cage, shoulders and back. Do not go upside down on inversions. Instead, use props such as a Yoga block or assisting band to modify the posture.

Doctor’s first. Before enrolling in a class, ask for you doctor’s opinion. Some expecting mothers may not be allowed to practice yoga due to risky pregnancy or certain issues such as medical condition on back or heart disease.

What to expect?

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll encounter on a Pre-Natal Yoga class:

Conscious breathing. You will be familiarized with deep and slow inhalation and exhalation through your nose which helps ease difficulty in breathing and allows muscles to contract properly during labor.

Yoga poses. Whether it’d be standing or lying, or just simply sitting, all the postures will develop your sense of balance, flexibility and strength which can help ease pregnancy’s discomfort. Soothing stretches will increase your range of motion as you gently stretch, creating more space in the body allowing more movement. Developing these physical aspects, as well as mental toughness, will make childbirth gentler than you thought it could be.

Mindful relaxation. At end of each session, a cool down will bring your heart rate to its normal level. You will be encouraged to pay attention to your thoughts, to the sensations that your body is experiencing and to your own breathing, allowing the sacred space of inner peace and awareness to instill calmness to the body and the mind.

Before enrolling, you can also visit some classes and observe. This will help you get a clearer view of what Pre-Natal Yoga actually is. No doubt how Yoga can help you during and after pregnancy. Be mindful during the practice and welcome your baby with a strong body and an open mind!

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