How to Use Yoga to Ease Menstruation Cramps


I’m not just talking about yoga pants, I’m talking about using yoga practices to help with that time of the month. This is a very strange concept to some women because a lot of the time yoga is done as a way to push the body instead of to ease the body. If you haven’t looked into using yoga to ease your menstruation cramps, then you really should. There are so many women out there who are already making yoga part of their monthly routine to help them find relief during some of their most painful days. When done properly women have found slight, gradual relief and there are others who have even felt more dramatic and instant relief.

So How Do You Use Yoga to Ease Your Menstruation Cramps? 

There are a couple of ways you can go about this. The first option is to help put your body in a state of ease in general. I’m sure you have experienced how much more sensitive your body is as whole when your cramps get started. Eliminating those little individual discomforts can really add up and make your cramps a lot more manageable because you are relaxed. When you are in pain your muscles tighten up and you may start to feel like you are just taken over by the pain. Again, just allowing the possibility for your body to focus on one discomfort (cramps) at a time can bring you great, lasting relief.

The other way that you can use yoga to ease your menstruation cramps is by doing some poses that really work with the lower half of your body. Using yoga poses to help open up any overly tensed areas can do wonders. Try focusing on hip openers, gentle lower back stretches and some women really love to elevate their feet during their time of the month. Like stated in the above paragraph, your body typically tenses up when it’s uncomfortable and there are specific yoga poses you can do to reverse that tension. Try playing around with a few different lower body poses and you might just find one that works wonders for you.

You could even try doing some deep breathing and simple meditations to help with any emotional pain that may be coming up during your menstruation. It’s important to remember that you are a whole human and not just a body. For some women it is helpful just to be present in their body and in the moment experiencing what they are really feeling instead of brushing it off. That’s what’s so great about tying yoga and your menstruation together; it creates an opportunity for you and your body to connect on a deeper level and really work through your discomfort in a way that is healthy and really very natural.

Hopefully this article helps you a little bit in finding a gentle rhythm to get into using yoga to ease your menstruation cramps.

As a word of caution, it is advised to never invert for more than 5 minutes while you are menstruating. The reversing of your blood flow is not good for you.

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