Elderly People Performing Yoga

Yoga seeks to create an all-around individual by connecting the body, spirit, and mind through a combination of body poses, breathing techniques, concentration, meditation, and general relaxation techniques. It gives you an opportunity to explore yourself and your abilities beyond your imagination.

Yoga is an exercise that can be performed by anyone regardless of age, profession, or condition. The benefits of yoga to elderly people are so immense. It not only keeps your health in check but also gives you the peace and tranquility of old age.

As an elderly person who has gone through the difficulties of life, you need yoga to help you in this stage of life. At this stage of life, either you will regret what you have not achieved in life or you will sit back and thump your chest for the many things that you have accomplished. It is true that many people do not engage in physical activities but rather spend their time sitting down and watching television, which is very unhealthy. This inactivity can lead to various problems such as obesity, body stiffness, and pain around the joints, back pains, body weakness, constipation, and depression. Therefore, yoga is recommendable to help with managing these health-related problems.

Yoga practice is very important for strengthening the muscles of the body. The stretching and bending during yoga exercises help to improve body posture, flexibility, and balance. They also help to reduce back pains and stiffness in the joints, which can cause arthritis. Your body needs to be physically active so that it remains strong even in old age. 

As you perform yoga, you will have no difficulty moving around; hence, yoga helps with slowing down the aging process.

Oxygen is very important to the body. It gives the brain the energy to focus and concentrate which in turn improves your memory. In yoga classes, there are breathing exercises, which enable the body to build more energy and make your lungs stronger.

At old age, people may experience periods of stress and anxiety. This stress if not managed can lead to depression. Yoga makes your body relaxed through breaths and body poses, which triggers the nervous (parasympathetic) system to reduce the stress hormone in the body to give you a more relaxed state of mind.

Meditation during yoga practice clears your mind and gives you a sense of belonging. Through meditation, you can control your emotions, gain self-confidence, and be mindful of your environment and the people around you.

High blood pressure is common among old people and if it is not managed, it can be fatal. Yoga practice helps you to improve your cardiovascular system through physical exercises that include body poses together with breathing patterns. The breathing techniques in yoga help to lower high blood pressure.

Yoga helps to uplift your moods and make you feel happy. When you practice yoga, you get to interact with various people and even share a moment of laughter. If this is done regularly, you will always be in high spirits and feel elated.

In conclusion, old people should endeavor to perform yoga so that they enjoy the numerous benefits that come from practicing yoga.

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