5 Benefits of This Yoga Prayer Mudra

Yoga, the Anjali mudra, also known as the prayer mudra, gives you many benefits for your mind, body and spirit. Anjali is a term that means “to offer” or “to salute” in Sanskrit. You can perform the Anjali mudra in both seated and non-seated yoga postures. Often, a yoga session will begin with the mudra as well as end with it. 

It is often performed in lotus pose/ half-lotus pose. It is also performed with tree pose, prayer pose (standing with hands in Anjali mudra at the start of the sun salutation sequence), squat pose (namaskarasana) and many more. A lot of twists and “revolving” variations to poses include this prayer mudra. 

( A lotus pose will work great for this practice. Don’t hesitate to dress beautifully in your cute yoga leggings.) 

It balances both hemispheres in the brain

This mudra centers the mind and helps achieve a meditative state. Your right and left hands are ruled by opposite parts of the brain. The right brain controls the muscles in the left hand and the left brain controls the muscles in the right hand. The left brain is in charge of logic, math, and language while the right brain is in charge of creativity, spatial organization and interprets context and tone. By using both hands you mentally center and connect in a very holistic way. 

It connects your Shiva and Shakti energy

In yoga, the left side of the body contains the feminine energy channel called Ida Nadi and the right side of the body contains Pingala Nadi. When you use both sides together you are keeping a balance between these two masculine and feminine energies in the body which affects the mind and spirit. 

It stimulates your heart chakra

The placement of the Anjali mudra in front of the heart and even touching this area brings attention to this powerful heart space. Anjali mudra encourages compassion, love, and emotional expression/health. In such a fastpaced world it is good to switch from linear thought patterns to intention-based feelings. We need both to make sense of the world around us but it’s easy to get lost in the mind’s endless desires. 

It humbles, quiets the mind, and shows gratitude

As you slightly bow your head, close your eyes and bring your hands into this prayer pose instantly acknowledge something greater than ourselves. What that is is personal to you but no matter what it allows you to feel grateful and connected to those around you and to your bigger purpose in life. Gratitude is the best medicine to raise our consciousness and dissolve any built-up lower energies like anger. 

It opens the chest area

Physically, it allows you to breathe better and improves your posture. The mudra accomplishes this by rolling the shoulders back as the shoulder blades flatten down the back. Increased breathing capacity leads to increased energy and health.
It helps you identify your spiritual intentions.

It resembles the shape of a flower bud and reminds us to set positive intentions that can bloom as time progresses.

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